Don’t allow the winter weather to stop you from training.

Check out Nike’s new all weather element jackets and shield edition footwear. This will give you a more comfortable workout.

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healthy stuffed french toast (vegan, healthy)

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Ooo a date nice! and 8 miles is awesome! I can't wait til I'm at that level! So for this month, do you think you've met any of your goals? Or come close? I hope you're happy with the month. Its been a great one! - Secret Motivator

Yes! (to both hahaha). I’ve meet some mileage goals this week and I’m going on another long 8 mile run this morning - then mileage goes up again next week! I’ve been injury-free as well which is always good. How was your January, what did you accomplish???

Thanks for being my motivator btw :) you’re a blessing - sorry I take forever to answer!! (forgive me)

Hiiiii you awesome girl! I am good. Getting back on track from an injury and busy spending my days preparing for huge exam end of february. Hope you are doing well love! Make sure to incorperate some fun-time aswell!

Hi there! Oh no :( what did you do my dear?? I’m glad you’re in the process of healing. Injuries suck, but you’re a star and you’re going to get back to it no problem!!

What exam? I know you’re studying hard.. I have exams in a couple weeks so I’m starting to study now myself :)

Yes ma’am, I am! I’ve been having some down time to rest and relax and I’ve even gone on a couple dates ;) exciting!!! hahaha


Quick Bread in a Bottle

  • Who wouldn’t love this as a Christmas gift?!

**edit: got a few messages saying link was not working, I fixed it! sorry! :)

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Let the constant state of exhaustion set in. Happy Spring Semester!

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Wrist pain is a common complaint in yoga class - here’s how to avoid it.

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